Gymnastics dance theory questions for Grades 1 to 5
Grade 1
1. Clap and Count 4 bars of %.
2. What part of the head do you use in a forward roll? Answer - Top of the back / spine.
3. Do you use your shoulders or back in a circle roll? Answer - The shoulders.
4. Do we place the hands in a Cartwheel one at a time or at the same time? Answer - One at a time.
Grade 2
1. Clap and Count 2 bars of 4/4.
2. Where do you place your hands in a Bridge? Answer - They face in towards the feet, placed under the shoulders.
3. What position are your head and hands in a Headstand? Answer - They make a triangle shape, head at the top of the triangle hands either side.
4. Is the back leg straight or bent in a Split Leap? Answer — Straight.
Grade 3

1. What do we use to help us Turn? Answer - We must use the eyes, head and arms.
2. Explain why we do a warm up? Answer - The warm up should gently prepare the body for exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation.
3. What must you be careful of in a handstand into a forward Roll? Answer - Not to go to high up in a handstand.
4. What must you do in a backward roll to help you go over? Answer - We must push strongly on the arms.

Grade 4

1. Explain some Various Cartwheels? Answer - 2 handed, one handed, second one handed, Ariel.
2. What part of the back do you bend in a Handstand to Bridge? Answer - You bend the middle of the back?
3. Are the legs straight in a hitch kick? Answer - Yes.
4. When recovering from a bridge, what must you do? Answer - Tuck chin into chest, push up through the pelvis and bring your arms above your head.
5. Explain a Back Catch? Answer - Holding the leg with both hands behind the body and pulling the leg towards the head.

Grade 5
1. Where do we place our hands in a Backward Walkover to make it easier? Answer - As close as possible to the feet
2. Where do we place the arms in an elbow balance to sustain the balance? Answer - Equal distance apart, underneath the shoulders.
3. Does the Toe touch the Floor in a Tick Tock? Answer -Yes it does.
4. Explain the difference between a back drop and a back bend? Answer - You go straight back in a back bend and you spiral the body in a back drop.
5. What is a Tail Spin? Answer - Spin on the bottom completing one turn.