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Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all as excited as I am for the next two weekends. 


After receiving some questions, here is a simplified explanation of the requirements for this weekend (24th & 25th June).


Day:                 Saturday 24th June – Technical Rehearsal

Venue:             Corby Cube Theatre


Clothing requirements: Usual dance wear and dance shoes required.


Please can you and your performer arrive and be ready in the Lab at your allocated time as bulletined on the Technical Rehearsal Timetable. (Link is attached)

Day:                 Sunday 25th June- Dress Rehearsal 


(This day will follow the same procedure as the actual show weekend but with no audience, this  

should confirm timings for everyone.)


Venue:             Corby Cube Theatre – curtain up 12pm


Clothing requirements: Full costume & make up.


Arrival times: this depends on when your performers dances occur in the running order of the show. 


Each show dance is approximately 3 mins 30 seconds, this should then give you an idea of when you can return to collect your child.


My performer is dancing: A6 Puppet on a string, 

Dress Rehearsal, I would drop off at 11:45 collect at 12:30.

First half performers only.

If your child is performing in the first 8 numbers of act 1, you will need to arrive by 11:45.

If your child's dance is number 9 or later, please arrive at 12:15 dressed and ready. This will reduce the time your child will be waiting before their performance.

All first half performers to be collect as soon as they have finished their last dance. 

Second half performers only

Second half performers must arrive at 1pm at the side access point where you will be met by Mya, and other DSSD students, who will sign your child in and take them backstage. Please collect from the Lab signing in/Out desk.

Whole show performers 

Arrive 30 mins before curtain up on all show performances. They will be ready to be collected at the end of each show. 

All information regarding the show, can be found on the DSSD website in the show information area. Please not there are multiple tabs in the drop-down menu, of previous information / emails that have been sent out.


Kind regards 

Miss Dena x 

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