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This is the correct style. The full sole
The correct style tap shoes upto Grade 2 level..png

UNIFORM for Class & Exam wear

Hair tied back for all lessons, ballet buns for ballet class please see video for how to do a ballet bun.

Ballet (Class to Grade 1)

Black sleeveless leotard

Black chiffon ballet skirt

Pink socks

Pink full sole ballet shoes with elastics

Ballet (Grade 2 and above)

Black sleeveless leotard

Black chiffon skirt

Pink ballet tights

Pink full sole ballet shoes with pink ribbons

Option 2

Black Leotard or black Fitted T-shirt White socks worn over black or navy tights, Ballet shoes with white elastic

Hair neatly styled with gel/hair spray

Tap, Modern & Gymnastics Dance

Black sleeveless leotard

Black footless tights

Black dance shorts

Black trainer socks - Tap & Modern only


Tap - Tap shoes

Modern (Class to Grade 1) - Pink ballet shoes

Modern (Grade 2 and above) - Black split sole jazz shoes

Gymnastics Dance - Bare feet / foot thongs

Junior Bronze Ballet - Medal

Part 1-Classical Ballet dance

Classical tutu (Wizard Black costume tutu only)

Classical ballet bun

Pink classical ballet tights

Pink ballet shoes

Part 2 - Sailor

Stripy top (any colour, horizontal stripes)

White leggings with pink ballet tights underneath​

Pink ballet shoes

Sailor hat will be provided

Hair - Platted

If you wish to purchase dance wear please use the link below to access the DSSD shop. Please order as soon as you require items to enable them to arrive before the exam. 

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