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Use of phones during the show weekend.

The use of mobile phones for taking photos / videos during rehearsals and the show weekend, is not permitted. This is in all backstage, rehearsal spaces, corridors and changing rooms. 


No photos / videos are to be taken. This is due to safeguarding and child protection issues. Performers will be changing costumes through the show, and may be in the background of photos that are not suitable to be shared on social media or with other performers. 

Within the school, we have children, who are looked after and parents who have not given consent for their child to be on social media. 


Phones must be kept in bags, throughout the whole show. If a child is seen with a phone out and taking photographs, the chaperone will ask the child to delete the images and put their phone away. 


At the end of the show, once everyone is ready, the performer will be able to check their phone. As they may be required to confirm meeting points, or finish times. 


Kind regards 

Miss Dena x 

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