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DSSD Arrival & Departure times

Good morning, 

During class last night, I had a few enquiries about arrival times for dress rehearsal and the three performances. Please see below for clarification as depending on the dances your child is performing in; this will dictate your performers arrival and collection times. 

First half performers only.

If your child is performing in the first 8 numbers of act 1, you will need to arrive by 11:45 / 3:45.

If your child's dance is number 9 or later, please arrive at 12:15 / 4:15 dressed and ready. This will reduce the time your child will be waiting before their performance.

If you are watching, you may need to arrange for someone else to bring / collect your child to save interrupting the performance. 

Second half performers only.

Second half performers must arrive at 1 pm at the side access point where you will be met by Mya, and other DSSD students, who will sign your child in and take them backstage. 


Performers 11 years and over please return the permission form ASAP.

This will allow your performer to leave backstage without being collected. If your performer is 11 years old and not currently attending senior school their parent / guardian can also complete the form to ensure the performer has consent to leave.

If this form is not completed your performer will have to wait at the signing in desk until a parent / guardian comes and collects them.

The form is attached below. 

All information regarding the show, can be found on the DSSD website in the show information area. Please not there are multiple tabs in the drop-down menu, of previous information / emails that have been sent out.


Kind regards 

Miss Dena x 

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