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Final arrangements for Chaperones


Thank you again for completing the process and supporting the show. I just wanted to confirm a few things.


  • When you arrive in your allocated Room & Area you will find an A3 Running Order print out with highlighted dances, someone in your area will be dancing in these numbers. At the bottom of the A3 sheet will be a list of the performer’s names in your area, showing which dances they are in. (see the attached example)



  • The performers should come dressed in their first costume. If they have another dance this will be with them in a bag or just where are you just leave that automatic on there in a clothes carrier. 

If you can please ensure everyone looks the same. Example: if one child has socks/tights and no one else does please remove the socks/tights. If a child has something wrong with a costume e.g. wrong colour shoes please let the parent know when you take the child back to the signing out desk.


  • Ballet shoe tabs/ties found at the front of the ballet shoe are tucked away.


  • If a dresser from your area can escort the children to side stage when called, wait outside in the corridor to help return the children to their area.


  • Please change the children into their next costume before moving the one dance only children to the signing out desk. 


  • I have not allocated children to each dresser its easier for you to assist the children where needed as some children are only in one dance where another may be in two or more.


  • If you see another area requiring some help as long as your area is in a position for one of you to help this can happen. 


  • No phones to be used for taking photographs or videos, the children can have them in their bag and can use at the end to contact a parent if this is what they have arranged.


Dress rehearsal is a trial in preparation for the actual show. If anything doesn’t go to plan this weekend, then this is where we can address any problems that may arise.


If you have any queries, please let me know.


Kind regards


Miss Dena x

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