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DSSD Show Newsletter 3 – May 2023 at the Core Theatre, Corby Cube


Please ensure that you have Show News 1 & 2 as the information they contain are not repeated here. Please go to the school website where you can see all previous communications.  

Please arrive for the shows no earlier than 20 minutes before curtain up if you are in the first half (11:40pm for matinees and 3:40pm for early evening show). If you are in the first half only you must go home at the interval (beginners and pre-class ballet, go home as soon as you have danced unless you are in a tap number as well). 

If you are dancing in the second half only, please arrive at the interval (1pm matinees and 5pm early evening show).
Those dancing in only 1 half of the show must go home between the shows on Saturday 1st July otherwise we will exceed capacity in the Lab and Base. 

All pupils will need to vacate dressing rooms and leave between Performances 1 & 2, there will be no access until the arrival times as specified in previously bulletined show newsletters.

👉 Can everyone please ensure they have completed the new registration form sent out via Class manager in previous emails.

👉 If your performer has a medical condition, or requires an inhaler during the show please complete this  DSSD Medical form and ensure you have spoken directly to Miss Dena regarding this matter.

We have a performer who has a severe NUT allergy. Please check to make sure any snacks that are brought along do not contain nuts.

Health, Safety, and safeguarding rules. 

Thank you for providing the information we asked for. This has resulted in NCC Child protection department and CEE (Children in Education and Entertainment) issuing us with a B.O.P.A. (Body of Persons Approval). This and your signed health slips allow us to proceed with the display. 

Our grateful thanks to all who have been accepted as licensed chaperones and provided DBS confirmations.  All dressers will supervise children, this again allows us to proceed. I will contact you all soon, outlining duties. 

Those who are still waiting please note I have been calling NCC daily trying to arrange for your licenses to be completed.

Stage Door for Signing in and out.

When you arrive at the Lab outer area (this is two levels down the (4 flights of stairs from the entry doors) our stage door crew will sign you in. To prevent queuing, we will issue ‘fast track’ tickets for all shows and dress rehearsal. (These will be given to the pupils in class) Drop one into the box on arrival thus lessening the queue (Like a fast track at theme parks). You will then be signed in later. If a ticket is lost or forgotten just queue as usual.
When you collect your performer, they will be brought out to the lowest level Bar Area, please wait in this area as we cannot block access to the lifts or toilets. Your child must be signed out. Beginners’ parents can come to the signing out desk at their collection time.
The Core Theatre has no stage door, hence our signing in and out point outside the Lab becomes our stage door and all cast and crew must enter and leave via it to ensure maximum safety.
Again for safety, only cast and listed crew will be permitted backstage. We have restricted capacity in all rooms in accordance with security and fire regulations. 

Theatre Rules.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside The Cube.
Alcohol is not permitted backstage.
In the auditorium the use of photographic or recording equipment of any type is prohibited during performances in accordance with child protection laws and phonographic performance legislation. We have been advised that front of house staff will stop anyone using a camera/phone. Could you pass this on to your family and friends please. 

The show will be filmed, and DVDs will be available to cast families only. Information to order your DVD will be sent out soon.

Make up and costumes.
Minimal make up is required for the juniors as the theatre lighting is good. Foundation or powder if your complexion is pale, a little eye shadow of any shade although both of these are optional. Lipstick is essential please, in any red shade. Please apply make up before you arrive and bring lipstick with you as it tends to get licked off. Please bring water to drink and a dry snack if needed. Nothing sticky or messy please – it’s harder to clean off the floor or from the front of costumes. 

We have a performer who has a severe NUT allergy. Please check to make sure any snacks that are brought along do not contain nuts.

Would you name costumes and shoes please. It makes it easier to reunite lost items with owners. 

Fire Regulations.
To allow safe and speedy evacuation in case of fire I must not exceed the dressing room capacity set by the theatre so please adhere to arrival and departure information given in show news 1 & 2, available to download from the school website where you can see all previous communications.  

Our fire Marshall is Miss Chantelle who, along with me and a number of our backstage helpers will be instructed in the fire drill and take ‘the fire walk’ before rehearsal and all shows.
Also, for safety, the theatre have asked that no hair straighteners or aerosol sprays (deodorant or hairspray) be used in the dressing rooms. 


The children will be supervised by dressers/chaperones throughout and will be escorted to and from the toilet and the stage. 

Miss Dena is safeguarding lead and a first aider along with Miss Chantelle, Miss Izzy and Mya are also first aiders.

Please ensure you have purchased your tickets for the show, they are still available from the cube or via this link:

Thank you for your patience and acceptance of the above. The safety and comfort of the children is paramount. The workload in producing the display is enormous but compensated by the excitement of the performers and enjoyment of the audience. 

If you have any queries, please speak to us in class or contact me on 07855 503470, email,

Here’s to another successful show on both sides of the footlights. 

Kind regards

Miss Dena x

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