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Show enquiries & clarifications

Good morning,

There is quite a few similar enquires being emailed so I thought it may help others if I clarify the enquiries to everyone.

Every performer in the DSSD show will be dancing in all 3 performances, 

(P1) Performance 1 : Saturday 1st July- 12pm curtain up

(P2) Performance 2 : Saturday 1st July - 4pm curtain up

(P3) Performance 3 : Sunday 2nd July - 12pm curtain up

Example 1: If your performer is only in one dance, they will arrive at the start of the half of when their show dance takes place. They can then be collected at the end of that half to return for the next performance.

Example 2: If your performer is dancing two or more dances but still only in one half, they will only be required for the half they are dancing.

Example 3: My performer is dancing in both sections (Act 1 & Act 2) of the show. They must stay for the full performance. They will need to be collected between the P1 show and P2 show.

The only exception is Corby Beginners Ballet in Munchkin Land ONLY please arrive at 12:15 on P1 & P3 Matinee shows and 4:15 on the P2 early evening show. This is to limit the time they will be waiting backstage. 


Unless you are in The Good Ship Lollipop tap dance where your dance in the 2nd number of the show so would need to arrive at 11:45 on P1 & P3, and arrive at 3:45 on P2 .


Beginner performers can be collected as soon as they have completed all their dances due to being so young. This is required by N.C.C to ensure they have adequate rest time before the next performance. This only applies to the following groups - Munchkin Land, Beautiful Bug Ball & Unicorns/Corby, Brigstock and Oundle Beginners classes.


1st Half performers ONLY -Arrival & Collection times

For P1 & P3 shows - 1st Half performers only : Arrive by 11:45 they will be ready to collect at 1pm.

For P2 show - 1st Half performers only: Arrive by 3:45pm they will be ready to collect at 5pm

2nd Half performers ONLY - Arrival & Collection times

For P1 & P3 shows - 2nd Half performers only : Arrive by 1pm they will be ready to collect at 2:20pm.

For P2 - 2nd Half performers only: Arrive by 5pm they will be ready to collect at 6:20pm.

All performers are required to be collected between each of the shows, or half they are dancing in. 

This is due to capacity numbers backstage, Corby Cube theatre and DSSD regulations.  This is to allow all performers to rest, get something to eat and prepare for the next show. This is a specification of NCC Body of persons act (BOPA) that has been actioned/ executed for our show to take place.

We have 200 performers and the capacity levels have been careful organised. This is to enable all performers an allocated area backstage whilst being supported by the DBS/Chaperones. Confirmation of your allocation for DBS/Chaperones will be sent out as soon as this is available.

Just to clarify your child/children will be performing in all 3 shows.


Kind regards


Miss Dena x

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