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Show newsletter 1

Show News Number 1 - Jan 2023

This year we will be finally taking to the stage to perform our first show as the Dena Smith School of dance. The show will include all pupils from Brigstock, Corby and Oundle classes. This newsletter will give you an overview of the details so far. 

There will be further show newsletter that will give more details in the future.

Rehearsal & Show dates

Attendance to all the dates below is compulsory for your performer to be included in the show. This is part of the procedure to ensure the correct guidelines, health, and safety of everyone involved for both the performer, the venue, and the helpers. Please let me know ASAP if you are not able to take part in the show.

  1. Technical Rehearsal - Saturday 24th June 2023 times TBC

  2. Dress Rehearsal – Sunday 25th June 2023 times TBC

(Small children will be needed for approximately 1 hour only – mid-afternoon). Attendance is imperative. 

Performance dates  

  1. Saturday 1st July – 2 Performances Matinee 12pm & Early Evening 4pm

  2. Sunday 2nd July Matinee only 12pm


To enable the show to take place parents are required to assist with a variety of roles, as chaperones and signing cast and crew in and out. This is to ensure the safety of all the performers.

All helpers must now hold an Enhanced Child workforce DBS or apply for a chaperone license. If you currently hold a valid Enhanced Child workforce DBS (Teachers/TA’s etc) please send me proof or written confirmation of your valid DBS. 

As a chaperone this includes DBS checking and occurs a charge of £15, if you would be willing to contribute towards the cost it would be much appreciated by the school. DSSD will however refund the licence fee if necessary. You will need to complete an online form that requires an ID check with N.C.C. Child protection Officers. The DBS will be valid for 3 years for you to use at your discretion. This check will take place at Lodge Park Sports Centre during classes on a Saturday. Date to be confirmed. 

This process can take 4 months to complete. Follow the link to start this process asap.

 Please note: Parents without an enhanced DBS or Chaperone Licence will be unable to assist backstage should you wish to help.

We must register the cast with CEE-Admin (children in employment and entertainment –
This is to comply with child protection regulations we must obtain a signed statement of your child’s fitness to perform. Please can you sign the declaration attached to this newsletter and provide us with the information required to register your child to perform in the show. 

This is all legally required for the safety of the pupils involved. 

DSSD Show 2023 

👉 Please complete and return ASAP 

I am happy to help backstage for the following (please tick the shows at which you can help and please ensure that you do not tick to help on the show/s that you will be watching). 

            Dress Rehearsal Sunday 25th June & Saturday 1st July Matinee 12pm (you will be required for both dates to ensure the continuity of the show please)

 July      Saturday 1st July Early evening 4pm

 July      Sunday 2nd July Matinee 12pm

Please select one option:

Option 1: I currently hold a valid Enhanced child workforce DBS and will provide written confirmation to DSSD.

Option 2: I am applying to be a licensed chaperone; I will fill in the online form and understand that the school will refund the licence fee if required.

Option 3: I am not applying to be a chaperone and will not be available to support backstage.

Name of parent/guardian: ____________________________________________

Name of child: ______________________________________________________ 

Email: _____________________________________________________________ 

Telephone No: ______________________________________________________ 

If you have other family members who would like to become Chaperones, they would be required to complete the online forms. Please confirm their details ______________________________________________________________________

In order to proceed with our show, we must register our cast with CEE-Admin (Children in employment and entertainment – 


First name




School Local authority if not NCC. 

To comply with the Child Protection regulations, we now must obtain a signed declaration of every child’s fitness to perform in our dance display from each child’s parent or guardian.
Please could you sign the declaration below. 

I confirm that (child’s name) ____________________________________________ is fit to perform in DSSD Show 2023 in July 2023. 

Signature of parent or guardian ___________________________________
Please print your name here ______________________________________

Once the form has been filled in, please return as soon as possible to please note this is the email address for show correspondence only.

Kind regards, Miss Dena x

Download here 

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