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Show Newsletter 2

     DSSD Show Newsletter 2 – April 2023


Hello everyone, this is the next newsletter with detailed information for all involved. Please read through to understand timings and what is required and when. I have tried to make it as easy to understand as possible as this is new to the majority of performers and parents. Also, with the three schools coming together in a new venue for my Brigstock and Oundle pupils. 


Show & Rehearsal Dates – attendance is required for both Technical and Dress Rehearsals and 3 Show Performances.


Saturday 1st July 2023 – 2 Performances.

•    P1 Matinee 12pm to 2:30pm

•    P2 Early evening 4pm to 6:30pm


Sunday 2nd July 2023 – 1 Performance.

•    P3 Matinee 12pm to 2:30pm


Saturday 24th June – Technical Rehearsal

Technical rehearsal times see technical rehearsal grid on page 2.


Sunday 25th June – Dress Rehearsal

12-3pm – All costumes to be worn for this rehearsal.


Venue for Technical, Dress and show performances: The Core at Corby Cube George St, Corby NN17 1QG

For Technical Rehearsal please wear usual class uniform – the stage is usually hot due to the lighting so please leave ballet wraps off, show costumes are not required. 

The purpose of the technical rehearsal is to transfer dances from the classroom to the stage and to familiarize the children with the theatre. Please ensure that you are on time, allowing time for parking in one of the various car parks in town. (Remember to get a ticket long enough to cover your rehearsals) We work to a tight timetable; I have added a catch-up time after every hour this is to allow performers enough time to become familiar with the stage. 

Parents and your performer must sign in for technical rehearsal then sign out when you leave after you have rehearsed all numbers. Please can only one parent come with your performer, there will be nothing to watch as the auditorium will be closed.


Parents are to wait with their performer in the Base area for technical rehearsal only, they will be called for their rehearsal by the Saturday Students. If your performer is in more than one dance and the next rehearsal follows, please ensure that the performer brings their other dance shoes with them, tap shoelaces untied to help the Saturday student assist with changing shoes. (PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR CHILDS DANCE SHOES)  

Dressing room Allocation for Dress Rehearsal and all 3 performances – this is allocated from your ballet grade, if you do not attend ballet your name will be shown. Please refer to your customer area in class manager which confirms performers class grades.


Dressing Room Allocation 


Corby Beginners Ballet (1st Half only)

Corby Pre Class Ballet (1st Half only)

Corby Class Ballet (1st Half only)

Corby Prelim Ballet

Corby Grade 1 Ballet 

Brigstock Beginners Ballet (1st Half only)

Brigstock Prelim Ballet - (1st Half only)

Oundle Beginners Ballet - (2nd Half only)

Oundle Prelim & Gd 2 Ballet - (2nd Half only)

GD Only - (1st Half only)

Ava R

Lily W

Orla Mc


Poppy F




Corby Grade 2 Ballet

Corby Grade 3 Ballet

Brigstock Grade 2 & 3 Ballet (1st Half only)

Brigstock Gd 4 Ballet (1st Half only)


Eloise Boddy (1st Half only)






Dressing Room 1

Senior Ballet 



Scarlett Mc

Ellie H


Grace F

Caitlin S



Dressing Room 2

Corby Grade 4 Ballet

Oundle Grade 4 Ballet

Emma T


Green Room 

Brigstock Adults B & T


Wardrobe Boys




    Rehearsal Time    Technical Rehearsal - Saturday 24th June    Show Dance Name

     9:00-9:10    Brigstock Grade 2 & 3 Ballet     Sailors Hornpipe

     9:10-9:20    Saturday Grade 1 Tap     Soldiers on parade

     9:20-9:30    Saturday Grade 1 Ballet    Trip to the light Fantastic 

     9:30-9:40    Saturday Class/Prelim Modern      Footloose

     9:40-9:50    Saturday Prelim Tap      Step in time

     9:50-10:00    Saturday Prelim Ballet     Do - Re - Mi

     10:00-10:20    Catch up     

     10:20- 10:40    Wednesday Prelim Gymnastics Dance     Matilda 

                             Wednesday Grade 1 & 2 Gymnastics Dance     St Trinian’s

     10:40-10:50    Brigstock Beginners    Beautiful Bug Ball

     10:50-11:00    Brigstock Prelim & Grade 1 Ballet      Pretty Ballerinas

     11:00-11:20    Catch up     

     11:20-11:30    Saturday Grade 2 Modern      Fame

     11:30-11:40    Saturday Grade 2 & 3 Tap      I've got Rhythm

     11:40-11:50    Saturday Grade 2 Ballet     A million Dreams

     11:50-12:00    Thursday Grade 3 Modern     Grease

     12:00-12:10    Thursday Grade 3 Ballet      Aladdin

     12:10-12:30    Catch up     

     12:30-12:40    Wednesday Grade 2 & 3 Gymnastics Dance      The Greatest Showman

     12:40-12:50    Brigstock Grade 4 & 5 Ballet      Tango Ballet

     12:50-1:00    Thursday Grades 4 & 5 Ballet      Can-Can

     1:00-1:10    Saturday Grade 4 Tap      Charleston

     1:10-1:20    Thursday Grades 4 Modern New      Rehearsal for Chorus Line

     1:20-1:40    Catch up     

     1:40-1:50    Saturday Beginners Ballet      Munchkin Land

     1:50-2:00    Saturday Beginners Tap      The Good Ship Lollipop

     2:00-2:10    Saturday Pre Class-Ballet      Let’s go fly a kite

     2:10-2:20    Saturday Class Tap      Paddington Bear

     2:20-2:30    Saturday Class Ballet      Puppets on a String

     2:30-2:50    Catch up     

     2:50-3:00    Friday Oundle Beginners Ballet      Unicorns

     3:00-3:10    Friday Oundle Prelim & Gd 2 Ballet      Witches & Wizards

     3:10-3:20    Friday Oundle Grade 4 Ballet      Ghosts

     3:20-3:40    Catch up     

     3:40-3:50    Monday Gd 5 & IF Tap      Great Balls of Fire

     3:50-4:00    Monday Interfoundation Modern      Chicago

     4:00-4:10    Monday Senior Ballet     Centre Stage

     4:10-4:20    Brigstock Adult Fit Ballet      Black Swan Queens

     4:20-4:30    Brigstock Adult Fit tap      Puttin' on the Ritz


DSSD Show 2023 - Running Order for all performances


Act 1

  1. Wednesday Grade 2& 3 Gymnastics Dance - The Greatest Showman 

  2. Saturday Beginners Tap - The Good Ship Lollipop

  3. Brigstock Grade 2 & 3 - Sailors Hornpipe

  4. Brigstock Prelim & Grade 1 Ballet – Beautiful Ballerinas

  5. Brigstock Beginners- The Beautiful Bug Ball

  6. Saturday Class Ballet - Puppets on a String

  7. Thursday Grade 3 Modern - Grease

  8. Saturday Pre Class-Ballet - Lets go fly a kite

  9. Saturday Grade 1 Ballet – Trip to the light fantastic

  10. Saturday Beginners Ballet – Munchkin Land

  11. Brigstock Grade 4 & 5 - Tango Ballet

  12. Saturday Class Tap - Paddington Bear

  13. Saturday Grade 2 & 3 Tap - I've got Rhythm

  14. Brigstock Adult Fit Ballet - Black Swan Queens

  15. Monday Interfoundation & Intermediate Ballet- Centre Stage

  16. Thursday Grades 4 Modern- Chorus Line

  17. Wednesday Prelim Gymnastics Dance - Matilda 

  18. Wednesday Grade 1 & 2 Gymnastics Dance - St Trinian’s


Act 2

  1. Saturday Class/Prelim Modern - Footloose

  2. Thursday Grades 4 & 5 Ballet -Can-Can

  3. Friday Oundle Beginners -Unicorns

  4. Friday Oundle Prelim & Gd 2 -Wizards & Witches

  5. Friday Oundle Grade 3 & 4 - Ghosts

  6. Saturday Grade 2 Modern - Fame

  7. Saturday Prelim Tap- Step in time

  8. Monday Gd 5 Tap - Great Balls of Fire

  9. Saturday Grade 1 Tap - Soldiers on parade

  10. Brigstock Adult Fit tap- Puttin’ on the Ritz

  11. Thursday Grade 3 Ballet - Aladdin

  12. Saturday Grade 4 Tap - Charleston

  13. Saturday Grade 2 Ballet - A million Dreams

  14. Saturday Prelim Ballet – Do Re Mi

  15. Monday Interfoundation Modern - Chicago

  16. WALK DOWN- All 2nd Half pupils required.

*except Oundle Beginners who will have gone home.

Show Timings


Dress Rehearsal – Sunday 25th June


12-3pm – Each half of the show is approximately 1 hour long.


Corby Beginners Ballet in Munchkin Land ONLY please arrive at 12:15 on Matinee shows and 4:15 on the early evening show. This is to limit the time they will be waiting backstage. Unless you are in The Good Ship Lollipop tap dance where your dance in the 2nd number of the show so would need to arrive before 4pm.


Beginner performers can be collected as soon as they have completed all their dances due to being so young. This is required by N.C.C to ensure they have adequate rest time before the next performance. This only applies to the following groups - Munchkin Land, Beautiful Bug Ball & Unicorns/Corby, Brigstock and Oundle Beginners classes.


Saturday 1st July – P1 Matinee (12pm)        

Curtain up 12 pm

                        Interval approximately 20 mins

                        2nd Half curtain up at 1:20pm

                        Curtain down 2:20pm


Saturday 1st July – P2 Early evening (4pm) 

Curtain up 4 pm

                        Interval approximately 20 mins

                        2nd Half curtain up at 5:20pm

                        Curtain down 6:20pm


Sunday 2nd July – P3 Matinee (12pm)     

Curtain up 12 pm

                        Interval approximately 20 mins

                        2nd Half curtain up 1:20pm

                        Curtain down 2:20pm


•    If you are in the first half only, please go home in the interval. If you are in the 2nd half only, please arrive at the interval. This is to ensure we don’t go over capacity numbers backstage.


•    Everyone must vacate the dressing rooms between each of the shows on the Saturday 1st July. 


Please remember on the Dress rehearsal and the 3 performances only DBS and chaperone licensed people can assist backstage on the days allocated. Timings and location of dressers will be confirmed via email from myself in due course. This will confirm where and whom you are dressing. 


A 3rd Show news will follow later giving all extra information. If you have any queries please email:, I will try to answer any queries in a timely manner.


A copy of this document and any other show newsletters is available in the Show Information area on the school website at


Thank you for your support and patience with the organising and arrangements for the DSSD show.


Kind regards


Miss Dena x

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